Nieto Light’s founder-designer, Nieto Ramón, had a keen interest in design since childhood, often joining his mechanical engineer father at his workplace – first, out of curiosity, as an enthusiastic observer, and soon he tried himself in some smaller jobs. The creative curiosity and passion for innovation and design became the very essence of his professional future. This was the first time he was confronted with the importance of the personal factors, relationships and local experiences of the participants of a creative process, which is why he endeavors to work with artisans to this day, and makes most of his products by hand, based on manufactory principles in Hungary.
During his university studies – at BME and MOME – he quickly crystallized his interest in lighting technology, as confirmed by a 2014 Frankfurt exhibition on lighting technology. This was later in substance linked to the other most important factor of his life: the love of nature. Environmental awareness and sustainability as well as creating an ergonomic, close-to-nature feel space are the core elements of Nieto Light.  He had a great passion for fishing, its meditative feel and quiet observer process is similar to that of design – a reference to this can be found in his new luminaire collection: the special pieces have been given Latin fish names.
Nieto thinks about designing as fishing: the experience of the process is as important as the result.  Planning the product life cycle of his lamps is as important as the design or the technical planning.

Nieto Light uses only LED light sources and high-quality professional parts designed in Europe for its innovative lamps. Specializing in small orders, it prefers customized manufacturing, even personalizing it to the customer’s own ideas – with special procedures that are still rarely used in Hungary.


Nieto Light’s products – design lamp – are innovative, dynamic, and clean – their clever yet bold designs are timeless and designed for long-term use. In design, we strive to innovate with unique solutions that do not compromise on quality.


Along with the latest technologies, we work exclusively with LED lights, in cooperation with industry-leading manufacturers. We believe in perfection – both professionally and for the consumers experience. The modern design lamp planned by LED technology.


When designing, we use the same standard of lighting in order to be in accordance with European standards for professional design. Manufactured in Hungary, they are hand-assembled, made exclusively of high quality components, which are individually inspected during manufacture, along with a strict quality assurance system. The high quality is guaranteed by the 5 year full warranty at design lamp.